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Hi. I’m Asheesh Laroia, OpenHatch’s executive director over the last two years. If you’re reading this, open source software and outreach are important to you. You care about enabling a future where everyone participates in creating the technology we all use; you see diversity as a part of that. You know that creating welcoming communities is
essential to getting more contributors, and you know we need to train the next generation with skills to participate.

Today you can make twice as much difference. An anonymous donor will match your donation to our Open Source Comes to Campus program, for people who donate through Tuesday, December 24 (formerly December 10), up to $5,000. Give here.

OpenHatch’s Open Source Comes to Campus program visits universities, identifies people excited about open source but not sure how to start, and helps them submit their first patch. We’ve been doing that since 2010, and diversity has always been on our mind. Our first event was attended by 33% women.

I try to stay humble, but I’m proud that we organized almost twice as many events in 2013 as we planned! We aimed for 7; we hit 13. More than half were with women in computing groups. We pulled it off through Shauna Gordon-McKeon’s focus on documenting and polishing our curriculum; through 13 amazing campus groups that invited us; and through donations and sponsorships that made it all possible.

Starting today, your donation will go twice as far, as long as it’s still Tuesday December 24 (formerly Dec 10) or earlier anywhere in the world. So — check out 2013 in review on our donate page!

Also, it’s easy to volunteer at Open Source Comes to Campus events; email us at!

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