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OpenHatch newsletter, July 2014

by Mike Linksvayer July 31st, 2014

An open hatch in the museum submarine at OMSI in Portland, CC-BY Britta Gustafson

Welcome to OpenHatch newsletter number 24.

WIRED reports on Open Source Comes to Campus: The Crusade to Bring More Women to Open Source.

Shauna Gordon-McKeon on Deconstructing Contributions at Open Source Bridge.

Mako Hill’s write up of the community data science workshops.

OpenHatch board member Deb Nicholson was honored with an O’Reilly Open Source Award (video) at OSCON.

Shauna Gordon-McKeon participated on a video panel about how to get involved in open source.

Our FOSS Opportunities page is a large and growing list of financially supported opportunities (usually internships) for people (usually students) to work on free/open source projects.

Open Source Comes to Campus planning

The Open Source Comes to Campus fall schedule is being finalized, with over a dozen events set to run at schools from New York to San Francisco, from Morris, Minnesota to Lewisburg, PA. Interested in organizing, volunteering at, or attending an event? Email us!

The planning mailing list has active discussions led by Shauna about improving the curriculum and following up with attendees. Helpful feedback is welcome, especially if you also have experience running outreach workshops. Recent threads include:

New projects in the OpenHatch volunteer opportunity finder

  • Miam-Player, a nice music player. It’s for Windows, Linux, and OS X, written in C++ with Qt.

OpenHatchy but not OpenHatch things around the web

Writeup of Geek Feminism’s path to a code of conduct.

Python is now the most popular introductory language at top US universities.

Amanda Menking asks how can a community that values transparency create safe spaces?

Designing for Participation: “created in order to get Mozilla community members to think about how they can structure the work Mozilla does to better enable contributions from anywhere.”

Andy R. Terrel on SciPy2014: “Sheila Miguez pointed out the incredible in-person event handbook from Shauna G. of Open Hatch. I think taking up the principles in this handbook is really needed. We have not made welcoming, goal setting, and clarifying structures a priority at events.”

Article series edited by Jen Wike on young professionals and open source.

Free eDX course, Introduction to Linux “for experienced computer users who have limited or no previous exposure to Linux”.

Also check out links submitted to /r/openhatch, and add your finds!

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Thanks to Britta Gustafson and Shauna Gordon-McKeon for contributing to this edition!

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