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OpenHatch newsletter, June 2014

by Mike Linksvayer June 30th, 2014

OpenHatch community at Open Source Bridge

Welcome to OpenHatch newsletter number 23.

OpenHatch had a strong presence at AdaCamp Portland and Open Source Bridge this month. OpenHatch community members Shauna Gordon-McKeon, Britta Gustafson, Sumana Harihareswara (twice!), and Jen Davidson all presented. We also had an OpenHatch dinner at a nearby tea house — picture above, apologies to those who left before we remembered to snap a picture!

Report on teaching open source at UC Davis and Heidi Ellis on Open Source Comes to Campus UMass Amherst and other open source outreach events.

Interested in running an Open Source Comes to Campus event at your school this fall? Contact us! We’re currently planning our fall schedule.

Shauna and Britta talked about OpenHatch on In Beta, a podcast about tech culture and open source.

OpenHatchy but not OpenHatch things around the web

Gail Carmichael writes how Python and Pi Helped Make Go Code Girl 2014 A Great Success.

Introductory edit-a-thons how-to. Similar to an Open Source Comes to Campus event, but introducing newcomers to contributing to Wikipedia rather than open source projects. Upcoming following this model: WikiProject Open Barn Raising 2014.

Karen Sandler on what we mean by “we”.

Rachit Gupta uses curated newcomer-appropriate bugs to go from
From Zero Knowledge About Open Source to GSoC

Google launches “Made with Code, an initiative to inspire girls to code.”

You’re Welcome: A Pattern Language for Inclusive Events, free book in progress by Alex Bayley, to provide “over a hundred practical steps you can take to make your community events more inclusive, welcoming, and rewarding.”

Interactive semi-automated package review (by abusing Travis-CI) — to improve mentorship, by Asheesh Laroia.

Also check out links submitted to /r/openhatch, and add your finds!

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Thanks to Britta Gustafson and Shauna Gordon-McKeon for contributing to this edition!

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