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Summer Internships for Open Source Enthusiasts

by Shauna March 19th, 2014

It’s the heart of internship application season, and we want to spread the word about opportunities to contribute to open source this summer. The following list of internships are all funded, open to (though not always limited to) students, and taking place over the summer.

Some of these internships are coming up very soon.  In an ideal world, this blog post would’ve been up a month ago.  Our apologies!  Please check the application deadlines first.

Multi-project Programs

The following programs support students working on multiple projects for several different organizations.

  • Google Summer of Code is the largest and best known program supporting student participation in open source.  This coding-focused internship funds thousands of students across the globe as they work on hundreds of open source projects.  The deadline this year is March 21st.
  • The GNOME Outreach Project for Women is like Google Summer of Code, but smaller, not exclusively focused on code contributions, and restricted to people assigned female at birth and/or identifying as a woman, genderqueer, genderfluid, or genderfree (regardless of assignment at birth).  It’s also not limited to students.  The deadline this year is March 31st.
  • Rails Girls Summer of Code is a relatively new program (this is their second year) sponsoring work on Rails and Ruby open source projects.  People who self-identify as female or have experience being socialized female are given preference during selection.  The program is not limited to students, but professional developers should not apply.  The deadline this year is May 2nd.
  • The DataONE summer internship program supports work on projects aligning with DataONE’s mission: “the foundation of new innovative environmental science through a distributed framework and sustainable cyberinfrastructure that meets the needs of science and society for open, persistent, robust, and secure access to well-described and easily discovered Earth observational data.”  Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postgraduates of up to 5 years, are encouraged to apply.  The deadline this year is March 18th.

Single Project Programs

The following programs support students working within a single organization.

  • Wikimedia’s Individual Engagement Grants support “projects that provide opportunities to reach the Wikimedia movement’s goal of spreading participation in free culture across boundaries of language, gender, and geography. We seek out opportunities for growth in under-represented demographics, smaller and newer Wikimedia projects, and communities in the global south.”  These grants are ideal for people who are already involved in the Wikimedia community and have their own ideas about how to improve it!  The deadline this year is March 31st.
  • Khan Academy, the non-profit education website, is looking for software developer interns “to create a free virtual classroom for the world”.  Their website does not list an application deadline.
  • The Center for Open Science, a new non-profit focused on “improving the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices to improve the accumulation and application of knowledge” has closed their application for this year’s summer interns. Bookmark them for next year!

See something we’ve missed?  Leave a comment and/or add it to our Opportunities wiki page, and we’ll update this post.

Edited to add – Thanks to Ashwini Oruganti (Ashfall on Twitter), we have two more opportunities to list:

  • The X.Org Endless Vacation of Code is a program sponsoring students to work on the X Window System.  They encourage a broad range of proposals, especially technical documentation.  The program is not limited to the summer, and has no application deadline.
  • Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS) is run by the European Space Agency and offers students stipends “to write code for various space-related open source software projects.”  It’s limited to undergraduate and graduate students attending institutions based in specific European countries.  The deadline this year is May 15th.


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