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Welcome newcomers at Software Freedom Day

by Shauna August 3rd, 2014
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Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is an annual celebration of free software held in hundreds of locations around the world.  This year, Software Freedom Day is Saturday, September 20th. Find a location near you, or start your own event!

But why just attend, when you can present?

I’ll be leading a 90 minute introduction and workshop for newcomers to free software at Boston’s Software Freedom Day.  I haven’t decided yet what exactly to present, but I know I’ll be using some combination of our Open Source Comes to Campus activities.  Take a look through our curriculum here and think about whether you’d like to participate in Software Freedom Day by giving a newcomer-friendly presentation, workshop or tutorial.  You can teach people how to pick a project, use IRC or issue trackers, help make projects more accessible to people with disabilities, combat impostor syndrome and more!

Feel free to email us at or stop by our IRC channel (#openhatch on Freenode) to discuss.


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