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Thank you, from City College of San Francisco

by Tyler Brothers March 31st, 2015

Recently, the Coders Club coordinated with Open Hatch to bring the awesome Open Source Comes to Campus event to City College of San Francisco. With the amazing Asheesh Laroia at the helm and awesome bay area mentors at his side, the eight hour long workshop ended with the attendee’s intrigued and eager for more.

Mentor helping students get started contributing

Photo taken by Alan Martinez. See more photos on the Coders Club Facebook page.

All of us were appreciative of what Open Hatch and the mentors had done for us and City College, and some of us were motivated to put together a thank you letter. Below you’ll find a poem and some quotes from the attendees about their experience that’ll hopefully make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Words are Not Enough

a poem for those who inspire us

Though our time together was short,

Students helping each other solve a difficult problem.

your impact is strong.
We were set in motion,
by your great notions.

Our minds grew twice the size,
and our smiles: the cheshire cat’s.
Our bright eyes
and eager determination
were given rise
by your foundation.

So thank you OpenHatch,
for brewing this batch;
a expertly crafted brew
of lesson plan and presentation
that affected this generation.

I don’t think anyone knew
just what each could do,
so lets take a pause
and for all of us:

Here are what some of the student attendee’s said about the event.

“Before open hatch I had doubts about picking CS as a major or a minor or just continue learning it in general. After the event I have decided to study computer science in greater depth.

Mentors did an amazing job. They were patient and nice and answered pretty much every one of my stupid questions. It was very interesting and inspiring to listen to each story. All in all, I couldn’t have spend that Saturday better.”

– Siuzanna Arutiunova, City College of San Francisco Student

“I was talking with a mentor about my uncertainty on choosing the computer science major. The mentor was kind enough to let me meet her for lunch and see what she does as a programmer! Thanks OpenHatch for such an excellent opportunity!”

– OpenHatch Attendee and City College of San Francisco student.

“OpenHatch enabled me to make real more of what I want to see in my college: the importance and relevance of open source ideology, industry best practices for working on real open source projects and a fun, free and safe environment for beginners of any background.

Mentors: it would not be half of what it was without you!”

– Tyler Brothers, Coders Club member

So thanks again, Open Hatch and mentors. What you all do is special and means a lot to all of us.


The Open Source Attendee’s,
CCSF Coders Club,
and City College of San Francisco.

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